Stakeholder Inclusion Workshop

Deepen relationships and enhance your impact

Realize the Significance of Stakeholder Inclusion

Corporates make huge impact on society through their actions. They have the power to influence stakeholders who can further impact Sustainable Development Goals within our society. For a sustainable world, it is therefore necessary for companies to work together with their stakeholders.

Through the method of a stakeholder inclusion workshop we bring together methods for stakeholders sitting in corporate board rooms to reflect on their own perspective and the perspective of others under various scenarios.

Enhance your impact

Within your organization, increase the understanding of the significance of stakeholder inclusion.

Learn about perspectives and various interests of stakeholders and different strategies to improve stakeholder inclusion.

Reflect on your own behavioural dilemmas and how stakeholder inclusion ties into those. Explore strategies to improve stakeholder inslusion.

UN Global Compact

About the workshop

Many companies reflect insufficiently on how their behaviour affects their stakeholders and what potential benefits can come from closer collaboration with different stakeholders. This causes issues in terms of increasing temperatures, environmental issues, and human rights violations. The stakeholder inclusion workshop empowers you to reach your sustainability goals by simulating guided stakeholder discussions through cases with particular challenges.

How to accelerate the Sustainable Development Goals

It is the role of business in society to contribute to creating a better world and turn the challenges into opportunities as well, creating jobs and prosperity. The only way we can do this and address the SDGs is via a stakeholder approach where businesses, governments, academia, NGOs and civil society work together. “By us all, for us all”, as the SDGs say. Each of us must play to

their strengths, whilst building coalitions with others with different perspectives, interests and needs. The workshop therefore helps to strengthen the ties between your company and your stakeholders. So that you can contribute to achieving the SDGs together.

Sustainable Development Goals
Sustainable Development Goals

The workshop flow

Through the cases in the workshop, the participants can experience a challenging situation, in which they are required to be creative and solve problems together. The approaches and challenges provide inspiration and a creative mindset that can then be applied to the organization’s own dilemmas.

The workshop comes with a manual, so you can set up and run the workshop independently. Would you rather have professional guidance for your workshop? Please contact one of our consultants.

Cases in the workshop

Fashion industry

The fast fashion industry has a common reputation of violating human rights by employing under-aged children, exploiting women and underpaying the employees in developing countries. With this case scenario, the goal is to understand how high-power, high-interest stakeholders impact stakeholders with low-power.

The goal of this game scenario is to improve understanding between stakeholders which not only have varied interests but also varied degree of power that they possess.

Carbon Neutral Logistics

With the impact of climate change increasing world-wide, every government across the world is aiming to reduce carbon emissions. The Netherlands is also one of those countries which aims to reduce emissions drastically in all sectors by coordinating with the Transport branch organization and various companies.

The goal of this game scenario is to understand the dynamics when stakeholders have almost similar interests however have different degrees of power.

Theoretical background

The development of this workshop is based on a research-based model on stakeholder inclusion. The research was conducted by Global Compact Network Netherlands, with the support of employers’ organisation VNO-NCW. It studied stakeholder involvement by Dutch companies. This research shows that companies that actively involve their stakeholders in their organization’s decision making are successful in implementing solutions for societal challenges, as expressed by the SDGs. Political and social stakeholders are also expected to be more involved in the business. In this publication Global Compact Network Netherlands provides a model and a practical questionnaire for companies to raise their stakeholder inclusion to a higher level.

Sustainable Development Goals
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