With less than 5000 days until 2030, urgency is necessary. Because that is when the realization of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) must be a fact. The enthusiasm for the SDGs is present, the business case is demonstrated and the awareness of the SDGs continuously spreads. At the same time, there is so much to do. Global Compact Network Netherlands is the perfect platform to establish this unique chance and join our collective forces. For that reason, the network organized a Masterclass SDGs. Discussed points included questions like:

  • How do the 10 principals of UNGC relate to the SDGs?
  • How do we prevent cherrypicking and increase our impact?
  • How do entrepreneurs align their own vision to that of the SDGs? 
  • How does the new Platform SDG reporting of UNGC and GRI help companies?

Teresa Fogelberg of GRI, Brechte Spoorberg of KPN and Eppy Boschma of the Global Compact Network Netherlands shared their insights with the 60+ attendees.  

You can find the shown sheets below:

De link tussen UN Guiding Principles & SDG’s, Eppy Boschma (Global Compact Netwerk Nederland)

Het Action Platform SDG reporting, Teresa Fogelberg (GRI)

De SDGs in de praktijk van KPN, Brechtje Spoorenberg (KPN) 

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