UNFPA UNGA Private Sector Event: Business for ICPD30

This high-level event will serve to review the progress made by the private sector in  advancing the ICPD agenda thus far, reflect on the commitments made and progress of implementation, challenges associated with mainstreaming women and girls issues in the workplace and the key priorities remaining as we look to ICPD at 30.

Specific Objectives:
– To discuss concrete ways through which the private sector is mainstreaming the Global Agenda for Women and Girls in their operations, transforming commitments to impact.
– To explore ways to unlock the brainpower, influence and financing power of the private sector at scale in light of the challenges brought about by the pandemic and multiple crises around the world.
– To galvanize support from key private sector partners for the ICPD Agenda

External and internal trends on partnerships suggest that we have to re-define how we work to leverage sustainable partnerships to achieve the three transformative results by 2030: ending the unmet need for family planning; ending preventable maternal deaths; and ending gender-based violence and harmful practices.

In a world of political uncertainty highly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, humanitarian crises and the climate challenge, a broad network of partnerships can establish robust ecosystems, moving from bilateral relationships to platforms and networks with complementary roles to achieve common results. Such ecosystems include private companies, philanthropies, civil society, academia and individuals.

UNFPA is bringing together a group of partners to organize this private sector engagement event. In addition to the collaboration with Philips and ODI, UNFPA is seeking the support of its partners in achieving this mandate including the Global Compact, World Economic Forum (WEF) and the International Trade Centre. The Government of the Netherlands has been identified as a member state that is championing the work on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) for women and girls and will be approached to co-host the event, signallng the importance of the buy in of member states in realising the ICPD agenda.




16:00 - 18:00

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UNFPA, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, UN Global Compact, and ODI
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