Sustainable Textile Peer Learning Group #2: Micro-Plastics

Let op: de taal van dit evenement is Engels

On Thursday 26th we kicked off the Sustainable Textiles Peer Learning Group (PLG). A keynote was delivered by Stijntje Jaspers, from The Fibershed Netherlands. On December 14, the second Peer Learning Group on Sustainable Textile will take place. The sessions aim to accelerate efforts towards impactful actions within the textile industry.

The second session will facilitate a deep-dive session on microplastics. We are very happy to announce Jeroen Dagevos will join us as a keynote speaker for the second session of the Peer Learning Group, taking place on December 14. Jeroen Dagevos works for the Plastic Soup Foundation, who are on a mission to stop the plastic soup tsunami as soon as possible. They engage with the government and research the influence of plastics on the environment and human health. Jeroen will explain what micro-plastics are and what relation they have to the environment and human health. Importantly, he will present some hopeful solutions for the fashion industry.

Date: December 14, 2023.
Time: 3:00 – 6:00 pm.
Location: Business Fashion Academy Utrecht (Nieuwegracht 13, Utrecht).
Target group: Low to mid knowledgeable professionals on the topic of sustainability, working in the textile industry (different positions, such as purchasers, supply chain managers, product managers/specialists, CSR managers, etc.). We aim to inform as well as inspire.

Please register below if you wish to participate in this second peer learning session.
Note: limited spots are available.

We hope to welcome you on December 14th!

This Peer Learning Group is an initiative from the  Young Professionals Programand  the UN Global Compact Network Netherlands.




14:45 - 18:00


Young Professionals Program &  UN Global Compact NL


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