Project Untold – By 11 young professionals that participate in UN Global Compact Network Netherlands’ Young Professionals Program

Every day, 17 million Dutch citizens purchase thousands of products: new jeans, a coffee, a t-shirt or a bottle of milk. But the price paid for these items almost never accounts for the true impact the production and consumption of these goods have on our environmental and social ecosystems.

As consumers, we often make purchases without any insight into the impact caused by the creation and/or delivery of everyday products and services. How do we activate people to be more aware of the story behind what they buy and empower interested individuals with the information they need to make informed and considered purchasing decisions?

About the project

As part of the Young Professionals Program of UN Global Compact Network Netherlands, we are a diverse team of 11 young professionals working across various organizations and industries. Together, we have launched Project Untold in partnership with True Price, with the goal of increasing awareness of the true costs associated with consumer choices. Motivated by our shared passion for sustainability, we aim to inspire others to make informed, responsible decisions that align with the SDGs. As aspiring leaders, we are committed to continually improving and making a positive impact on the world around us.

Project Untold focuses on raising awareness of the true environmental and social costs associated with everyday commodities and products. Working with a local designer, and True Price we are producing a series of digital art pieces to visualize the impacts of products far beyond what the eyes can see. The first three of these were launched at the True Price festival in November.

The eye-catching digital art

The digital art campaign grabs the attention of the consumer and then raises awareness by providing additional information through a “price tag” on the reverse side (also with a QR code to find out more)

Using digital art allows us to explore digital and social media channels, as well as print and physical exhibitions, for the dissemination of our campaign. We want to take it to the next level through an outdoor physical installation and a social media campaign.

How can you contribute to this campaign?

Currently, we are still working on the funding to expand our campaign and create an additional six art pieces to create even more awareness. Would you like to have more information about our project or interested in contributing to our campaign? Let us know by emailing: 

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