Communication on Progress (CoP)

Each company participating to UN Global Compact is expected to make an annual (yearly) report – the Communication on Progress (CoP) – supporting the Ten Universal Principles for reconfirmation. The requested minimum is a statement from the CEO, a description of the practical actions and activities which occurred that year, related to the four core areas (human rights, labor, environment, anti-corruption), of which the Ten Universal Principles are centralized and several (measurable) results.

If requested, it is possible to communicate in one’s own language and there will be an annual deadline for the uploading of the CoP to the website of UN Global Compact. 90, 30, and 1 day before the deadline there will be a notice sent from UN Global Compact to the contact person of the membered company. After uploading, the CoP will be publicized to the website of UN Global Compact and you will be requested to acknowledge the publication of the CoP as a company.

There are different levels of reporting:

  • Learning (accessible and simple)
  • Active (basic)
  • Advanced (for detailed reports)

Many companies utilize their annual report or sustainability report for the CoP which is furthermore stimulated by the UN Global Compact. Much practical information is also available about the how. More information about CoP, assembling and uploading it can be found here.


How does Global Compact Network Netherlands support the CoP?

Global Compact Network Netherlands organizes an annual so-called peer review, in which companies within the national network discuss the do’s & don’ts about the reports with each other. This way, knowledge is shared and increased.

Additionally, substantial issues are discusses. For example: how to handle situations like corruption, suppliers not conforming to Code of Conduct, or increasing the diversity within a company. This way we can collectively learn and move forward.

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