Phases of the Global Goals

Be inspired. Be bold. Be ambitious.

In this video series, you’ll see various organizations in different phases of their sustainability journey. Organizations such as Philips, IDA Foundation, and RAW Paints are part of this series. Learn how these and other organizations, as a part of the UN Global Compact, are working to make a positive impact on the Global Goals and how they align their business strategy with the Ten Principles. Get inspired and start. Big or small, everybody can make a difference.

Johnson & Johnson Netherlands

Eline Dekeyster

SDG and Communicty Impact Lead

Bart van Zijll Langhout

Campus Lead


Loek Dalmeijer

Group Sustainability Officer

Atrium Groep

Jan van Reest



Marlou Leenders

Global Head of Sustainability


Edwin Huizing

Executive Director


Martijn van der Ven

Founder and Director

Gemeente Leeuwarden

Friso Douwstra


Hein Molenkamp

Managing Director, Water Alliance

IDA Foundation

Wendy Eggen


Floor Toxopeus

Sustainability and Strategic Communications Lead

RAW Paints

Willemijn Wortelboer



Jan-Willem Scheijgrond

Global Head of Government and Public Affairs

The inclusion of company names and/or examples in this video series is intended strictly for learning purposes and does not constitute an endorsement of the individual companies by Global Compact Network Netherlands

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