Women in Business

The Target Gender Equality programme unfolded the past year at Global Compact Network Netherlands. This is a programme that helps companies to accelerate gender equality within their organizations. Here Amelia Lopez Huix, the Gender Equality Implementation Partner, guided the companies in setting ambitious corporate targets for women’s representation and leadership.


Women in business in the Netherlands

According to an article in ‘het FD’ there is a slight growth in the number of female entrepreneurs. But there is still a lack in venture capital and private equity, and across various sectors. A lack of female founders, executives and investment managers.


My name is Peter

In the past week, many women changed their names on LinkedIn to Peter. This is a campaign of Women Inc. and Branded /u. The aim is to increase awareness about the lack of female representation in leadership positions.

The new legislation should help to change this narrative. The Senate of the Dutch parliament agreed to instate a womens’ quota. This means that organizations are required to set targets. Apparently, it is necessary to push businesses to offer women the same opportunities as their male colleagues.


Target Gender Equality programme

From 15 March 2022, you can apply to join the second round of the Target Gender Equality programme. Companies such as Uber, Signify, Heineken and MediaMonks participated in the first round of the programme in the Netherlands. In 44 countries more than 800 companies joined.

83% of companies participating in Target Gender Equality are creating new targets or revising existing targets on women’s representation in top management and leadership, with 67% of companies setting targets for the Board Level.

Target Gender Equality contributed to a 45% increase in companies using the WEPs Gender Gap Analysis Tool in 2020 to assess their gender equality performance.

Learn more about this acceleration programme by visiting our website or contact Amelia Lopez Huix via lopezhuix@unglobalcompact.nl.



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Target Gender Equality

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