2020 Global Compact Network Netherlands SDG Pioneer

Friday 3 July during the virtual event of Global Compact Network Netherlands, we announced who the 2020 SDG Pioneer of the Netherlands has become. It is the second year that Global Compact Network Netherlands will present this award to a professional who makes an exceptional contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals in his or her work in an innovative and impactful way. The Dutch winner will compete for the global title UN Global Compact SDG Pioneer 2020. Companies and organizations have the opportunity to nominate people for this title. A jury consisting of experts from industry, NGO and universities had the challenging task of choosing a winner. Global Compact Network Netherlands is pleased to announce that Diana Visser, Senior Director Sustainability at Corbion, has become the 2020 Global Compact Network Netherlands SDG Pioneer!


Diana Visser will represent our network during the global submission round. Last year, SDG Pioneer Dylan McNeill received the 2019 SDG Pioneer award in New York during the UN General Assembly. Diana has done impressive work on the SDGs in her role as Senior Director Sustainability at Corbion. In her role, she has ensured that the SDGs 2, 3 and 12 are fully intertwined with the company’s strategy and, together with her team, have set ambitious goals to contribute to the 2030 Agenda.

In addition, Diana has initiated a network of SDG Ambassadors at Corbion, colleagues with a passion for sustainability representing all Corbion locations, to share best practices and inspire other colleagues within the organization.


Runner-up Fredric Petit

De SDG Pioneer runner-up is Fredric Petit. Fredric is the CEO of Vibers, a company dedicated to making plastics, concrete, paper and cardboard more sustainable by developing advanced technology and materials using a powerful crop: Elephant grass (or Miscanthus). Vibers’ bioplastics are all bio-based, most of them being bio-degradable, without polluting the environment with micro-plastics or hazardous substances. As the CEO of Vibers, Fredric sets strategic targets, recruits and coaches the team, establishes key partnerships and secures funding from investors. He is personally motivated to contribute to multiple SDGs, namely SDG 12: Responsible Production and Consumption and SDG 13: Climate Action, by maximising the impact of Vibers on long-term CO2 sequestration.


About the SDG Pioneers campagne

The SDG Pioneers campaign is part of the “Making Global Goals Local Business” campaign. Each year, United Nations Global Compact recognizes a group of SDG Pioneers: future business leaders who make a difference in their business to make a positive impact for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 2020 is the second year that the campaign has been rolled out to the UN Global Compact local networks. All employees of Global Compact companies could register or be nominated by colleagues within the company.


About Global Compact Network Netherlands

Companies face unique challenges to work responsibly and have different opportunities to make a positive impact. The local networks of UN Global Compact Promote the sustainability of companies at the base level in more than 85 countries by making Global Goals Local Business.

Global Compact Network The Netherlands strives to mobilise a local movement of sustainable companies and stakeholders with the aim of improving the lives of future generations.

Guided by the Ten Universal Principles and the 17 SDGs we support companies and stakeholders in understanding what responsible business means within a global and local context and provide guidance to translate sustainability commitments into action.

Global Compact Network Netherlands stimulates and facilitates the creation of local connections and catalyzes companies and stakeholders to achieve Agenda 2030.

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