June 25 2019 – Global Compact Network Netherlands looks back on an interesting and successful event

on 25 June 2019 on young leadership in the field of sustainability and the SDGs.

The event was kicked off with a short video clip in which four young professionals from Heineken, Ahold Delhaize, PwC and AIESEC talk about how they contribute to the sustainability goals of the UN within their position. Then moderator Joost Hoebink interviewed Jan-Willem Scheijgrond, the chairman of Global Compact Network Netherlands, about his vision on young leadership. In this interview, Jan-Willem highlighted the Young Professionals program and the SDG game, which the young professionals developed.

Then the winner of the first Dutch SDG Pioneer Campaign, Dylan McNeill, was put in the spotlight and received the SDG Pioneer Award 2019 from national SDG coordinator Hugo von Meijenfeldt. As director supplier sustainability at Royal Philips, Dylan has contributed to improving the working conditions of nearly a quarter of a million people working in the Philips chain. In his speech, Dylan talked about the scale-up of the Philips Supplier Sustainability Performance program and shared three personal lessons that he wanted to share with the people in the room; in short: find the right contacts, dig into the details and shout your vision. After an inspiring speech by winner Dylan, the other SDG pioneer candidates present were also honored and thanked for their participation.

Four panelists, Mirjam Minderman from sister organization PRME, Tijn Willems from Sustainalize and member of the Young Professionals Program from Global Compact Network Netherlands, Tessa Jansen from student organization AIESEC, and Fleur Osté from the Dutchtainables, were brought forward. They jointly debated the SDGs and the role of young people in achieving the sustainable development goals, while also asking the public to actively participate by sharing their opinion on certain propositions via their phone.

After the panel debate, the “cross-the-line” activity began by Charlotte van Eijck, Lisette de Heiden and Fleur Osté of the Dutchtainables. The people in the room were able to vote via Menti-meter on various propositions in the areas of food, health, smart cities, energy and water. Then everyone was asked to choose one side of the room (for or against the position) and moderator Joost walked through the room to ask how people looked at the positions. After some good arguments, some even managed to persuade people to come to the other side of the line!

Global Compact Network Netherlands looks back on a very successful event with very interesting collaborations, fascinating speakers and fun activities. We thank everyone for coming and hope to see you again at our next event on November 26, 2019.

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