PwC supports social enterprises

PwC is an international accounting, tax, and financial advisory firm. PwC has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact since June 2002. In the Netherlands, PwC is also committed to solving social-cultural challenges. PwC has integrated the Sustainable Development Goals into its business processes and strategy. They have set the ambition to be fully circular by 2030. In addition, they work together with various social enterprises.

One of the organizations PwC works with is Social Enterprise NL. This cooperation has existed since the start of Social Enterprise NL in 2012. In November 2021, PwC extended the cooperation again for three years. This cooperation aims to strengthen each other and to increase impact. It is how PwC uses its financial knowledge and expertise to help members of Social Enterprise NL grow. Social Enterprise NL is the national network of and for social enterprises.


‘Strengthening each other and increasing impact’

The support of PwC consists of pro bono work, in other words, free advice. That means that, among other things, they provide guidance during change and upscaling processes.

PwC is also a member of a buy social network. That means that PwC makes part of its purchases from social entrepreneurs such as Brouwerij de Prael: a small-scale brewery in Amsterdam. They offer a workplace to people who find it hard to find a job elsewhere. Another example is Plastic Whale, a social enterprise that makes boats and office furniture from plastic waste.


Reporting on impact

‘Reporting is crucial for everyone, but especially for social enterprises. For many companies, it is still a challenge. This while non-financial information is becoming increasingly important to send. It applies to both social entrepreneurs as well as large companies. In the coming years, we must help each other to make this information more transparent and therefore better to steer.’

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