Meet the new Program Manager Business & Human Rights and Gender Equality

Global compact Network Netherlands has since 1 September 2022 a Program Manager Business & Human Rights and Gender Equality. amie will support organizations in setting and achieving ambitious human rights and gender equality goals. She does it, among other things, by guiding UN Global Compact participants in two programmes: Target Gender Equality and the Business & Human Rights Accelerator that will be launched shortly.

Jamie Holton, Program Manager Business & Human Rights and Gender Equality

My name is Jamie Holton. I am 26 years old and live in Hoofddorp. Different cultures were introduced to me at an early age. With a South African father, a Dutch mother who grew up in Libya, and relatives all over the world, I have always felt at home in an international environment. I became interested in traveling and languages at an early age. I learned German, French, Spanish at secondary school and Mandarin and Korean at university. Through these experiences, I believe that people all around the world have a lot of similarities and we can learn a lot from each other.

Jamie Holton

Jamie Holton

Program Manager Business & Human Rights and Gender Equality

During my studies at Leiden University College The Hague, Leiden University and the London School of Economics, there was a lot of attention for Sustainable Development Goals. I focussed mainly on the social issues of human trafficking, development cooperation and gender equality. In my previous roles at the National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings and Sexual Violence against Children, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNOCHA, Save the Children and a research at NGO Publish What You Fund, I had the opportunity to concentrate on these topics. I learned that working with different types of organizations is crucial – all hands must be on deck to jointly combat human rights violations and gender inequality. The role in the UN Global Compact Network offers the opportunity to motivate and support the business community with these important goals.

I look forward to be working together with you and your organization! Feelt free to contact me via LinkedIn

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