Meet Board Member Titia Schutten from KPMG

KPMG is an audit and advisory firm that helps organizations build a resilient business for a more sustainable future. With their experience, technology and global alliances, they can turn insight into opportunities to accelerate sustainable business transformations and make the road to a sustainable operation that is transparent for investors, entrepreneurs and consumers.

Titia Schutten, a Board Member at Global Compact Network Netherlands, is responsible for the development and implementation at KPMG the Netherlands internal Environmental, Social en Governance (ESG) objectives based on their global Impact Plan.

“Creating a sustainable economy requires both innovation and cooperation. The UN Global Compact Network helps us to access both resources to learn and grow as well as opportunities to work together with other members.”

Titia Schutten

Titia Schutten

Advisor Corporate Sustainability, KPMG

Sustainable development goals of KPMG

KPMG wants to help shape and lead on those critical issues the world is facing and where their capabilities make a difference. They want to create inclusive and fair workplaces, drive sustainable and purposeful growth for their clients, build trust in the capital markets to spur needed innovations, empower the most disadvantaged in our communities and help preserve our planet so future generations can thrive.

“One of the pressing issues in Dutch society today is inequality of opportunities for young people to reach their full potential. KPMG is committed to making a significant contribution in this area in the coming years by economically empowering disadvantaged youth through education and employment.”

Schutten’s motivation and goals for joining Global Compact Network Netherlands as a Board Member

Schutten realizes how important cooperation on a daily basis is in order to make progress.

“Being on the board of Global Compact Network Netherlands has given me the opportunity to work with like-minded individuals from completely different sectors It has enriched my knowledge. It has made me aware of the challenges that these companies and organizations, specifically SME’s, face on their sustainability journey.“

“Creating equal opportunities for all is very close to my heart.”

Schutten has a fairly edited lifestyle, without the need for a car or to acquire a lot of stuff.


“Creating equal oppotunities for everyone is a topic close to my heart.” I volunteer for local projects that support women empowerment whenever I can.”

Real progress doesn’t come without change and sacrifice

Schutten’s advice to companies and young professionals: “A lesson I’m still learning every day (both at work and at home) is that real progress doesn’t come without change and sacrifice. Which means the process is really about change management. When you look at it through that lens, it makes it easier to accept resistance as simply being part of the process and to plan accordingly, whether that is resistance coming from inside yourself, or from the people around you.“

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