Webinar ‘Explore The Big Picture: Forces Shaping the Future of Humanity’

Note: This event is held in Dutch.

Are you interested in the state of our world? In the future of humanity? Have you ever wondered how the great developments are connected? Are you interested in exploring the big picture? The world we live in is undergoing massive changes, and it can be overwhelming to understand what all of this means; for yourself, for your family, for your education or job and for humanity as a whole.

The brand new book Explore The Big Picture takes a closer look at some of the key issues we face today, including climate change, the impact of technology, the development of the global economy, pressing societal challenges, and even life beyond our planet.

Authors Mario van Rijn and René van der Burgt will introduce this book, show what the role of this book can be in higher education and how you can use it. Hugo von Meijenfeldt, Senior Sustainability Advisor at UN Global Compact and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, talks about the importance of such a book in practice.



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