UNGC NL Breakout Session at “Halverwege de SDG’s: op zoek naar game changers”

Note: The event will be mainly hosted in Dutch. The session by the UNGC NL will be hosted in English and Dutch.

Breakout Session by the UN Global Compact NL in cooperation with VNO-NCW, MVO Nederland, and UNICEF

Titled “How can business scale up its contribution to the SDGs? From obstacles to opportunities”, the session will convert the inspiration from the SDG stocktake in New York at the UN into the steps that will be taken by companies in The Netherlands.

What will we cover?

🔹 During the inspiring business panel discussion, Adyen, Heineken, IKEA, Trivium Packaging, and other speakers will focus on the dilemmas and challenges that Dutch businesses face in converting ambitious goals and inspiration into real impact.​​​

​​​ 🔹 In the dialogue table format, participants will identify game-changers, and how stakeholder engagement and inclusion can help move the needle forward in areas such as climate action, water resilience, living wage, and other areas.

About the Event

The Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation and Coordinating Minister for the SDGs Liesje Schreinemacher opens the meeting. This in-person event will bring together the representatives of businesses, decentralized governments, youth organizations, civil society, and knowledge institutions who are closely involved in the Dutch SDG movement.

The event will draw inspiration from the 7th National SDG Report, which the central government published in May and which was written in collaboration with all sectors of society. It shows that the SDGs revolve around six significant transitions, such as fair climate transition, equal opportunities in an inclusive society, and the Netherlands’ global responsibility.

The recent UN Global Compact report SDG stocktake through the eyes of the private sector showed that accelerating these transitions requires enabling environments and joint actions that can be considered “game changers”. After the plenary session, you will join a breakout discussion with other stakeholders. The central question will be: What can we do together to resume the SDG agenda?




14:00 - 17:30

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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