Webinar: The Impact of Climate-Related Court Rulings in Light of IPCC Report & UNGP

In the past, the corporate activities causing climate risks were difficult to prove in Court.
Now, the latest IPCC report– by giving scientific evidence–uncovers the relationship between companies’ CO2 emissions and the climate damage they cause. This could attempt to make companies accountable for their emissions and push them towards accelerated sustainability efforts.

Climate-related court cases against polluters are serious and will continue spreading across the Netherlands and Europe.

In this webinar, we will address the impact of the recent court rulings in light of the newly published IPCC report and the existing UN Guiding Principles.


Martijn Scheltema

Martijn Scheltema

Martijn Scheltema is partner of Pels Rijcken and member of the Dutch Supreme Court Bar since 1997. He has specialized in business and human rights and climate change issues. He has been involved in the Srebrenica, SNS expropriation, Urgenda and Shell Kiobel cases. He chairs the business and human rights practice group of his firm and the independent binding dispute resolution mechanism of the Dutch Responsible Business Conduct agreement in the Textile and Natural Stone sectors. He is professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam and researches business human rights and climate change related issues. He has advised the Dutch State Department on legislative options in the business human rights arena.



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Organized by Global Compact Network Netherlands

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