100 entrepreneurs wantmore urgency around the SDG approach

During a practical workshop led by deputy crown member SER Steven van Eijck in the Malietoren, about 100 entrepreneurs were briefed on how to make a profit, prevent negative CSR effects and realize a positive impact on the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). to go. The occassion was the SER advisory report “Seizing opportunities and managing risks” about an integrated SDG CSR approach.


According to former SDG Coordinator Hugo von Meijenfeldt, the SER has now brought the initially opposing worlds of CSR and SDGs together in one system. O.a. Karen Maas, scientific director of Impact Center Erasmus and Peter Paul van de Wijs of GRI indicated that the urgency is high to get started better with this integrated approach in the Netherlands. If we continue in this way, we simply will not achieve the sustainable development goals. And it is not difficult; There are numerous tools that are helpful in determining the impact, it’s a matter of starting.

This development must also be reflected more strongly in the way in which companies report; For example, Karen Maas explained that 83% of the market value consists of “intangibles”, on which the reporting should focus more. According to Van de Wijs, there are many opportunities for companies in such an integrated approach to SDGs with CSR: from the point of view of risk management, an opportunity agenda of € 12 trillion per year and because of access to capital.

The companies Royal Lemkes and Yongo Europe demonstrated in practical terms how you can make the SDGs take a more central place in your business operations. For example, they have learned not to shift responsibility to suppliers or customers, but to enter into long-term relationships and manage themselves to limit risks and increase SDG impact. The call was made as an entrepreneur to ask other people about the impact of their organization instead of telling the I story. In this way you involve the stakeholders in your business.

The business community present was prepared to increase the degree of urgency and to get started with, among other things, sustainability reporting, impact measurement and collective initiatives that are helpful, such as the IMVO covenants.

However, it is also up to the government. The companies argue for a better sustainable procurement policy, a higher level of knowledge among buyers and an integrated government vision and management. With only 10 years ahead to reach the SDGs, all commitment from the business community, but also more government control, is needed.

Partners at this event VNO-NCW, MKB-Nederland, Global Compact Network Netherlands, SDG Nederland, MVO Nederland, RVO and the SER join forces to help these entrepreneurs accelerate on the SDG agenda. With combined forces they will support SMEs, who no longer always see the forest with the amount of measuring instruments through the trees.

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