April 5 2019 – Through ‘water stewardship’ and SDG 6 and more, UN Global Compact is very active when it comes to ‘water’. Additionally, Heineken, member of UN Global Compact, is too. The vision being to provide clean and accessible water, like mentioned in SDG goal 6. “The world needs to pay more attention to water,” per Jean-François van Boxmeer, CEO of Heineken.

Water is very important for Heineken. Beer exists for 95 out of water. Heineken is working hard to protect water. That is why Heineken has significantly reduced water use over the last decade. Currently they use a third of 5 hectoliter water per hectoliter beer.

Would you like to know more about Heineken’s vision and how they want to achieve their goal? Click here.

Here you will also find more information about the Sustainable Development Goals.

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