UN Global Compact Network Netherlands calls on businesses to join the Business & Human Rights Accelerator. Increase business action on human rights by joining

Programme helps companies move from commitment to action on human rights and laboro rights


The Hague, 8 September 2023 – The UN Global Compact Network Netherlands has launched the second edition of the Business & Human Rights Accelerator. After the huge success of the first edition with 62 participants. The collaboration with SER is prolonged in this six-month learning programme equipping companies with the tools and knowledge needed to establish a lasting impact on human rights. 

The Business & Human Rights Accelerator will help your company understand when, where and how business impacts human rights. Learn how to prioritize the most salient issues for action while identifying the most appropriate measures to mitigate risks, track the effectiveness of your efforts and communicate effectively to stakeholders about your company’s progress. Such a robust corporate human rights due diligence process shifts companies from a “risks to business” to a “risks to people” approach.

 “Businesses can have a significant influence on human rights for the better. This accelerator programme helps your company to have an impact on people’s lives around the world starting with employees, but also contract workers, and people in your supply chain. We are halfway in our journey to 2030, and to achieve the SDG goals extra efforts are needed to improve human rights. Join the programme to connect with peers and learn from each other to accelerate together.” – Merei Wagenaar, Executive Director, UN Global Compact Network Netherlands

Assessments by benchmark and ranking initiatives highlight that the majority of companies do not demonstrate practices that meet the requirements set by the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. This may indicate that risks to workers and communities are not managed adequately despite growing awareness and commitments. Almost half (46.2%) of the biggest companies in the world failed to show any evidence of mitigating human rights issues in their supply chains. 

By joining the Business & Human Rights Accelerator, you receive an assessment of your company’s actual and potential adverse human rights impacts. You will also build an action plan so they can return to work to put their learnings into practice to drive change. Lastly, you’ll build an invaluable network of peers, UN partners and experts that will inspire you to shape your company’s human rights journey and advance a global movement.

This accelerator aims to engage 450 companies of all sizes across industries in more than 30 countries. In The Netherlands, we will be supported by our trusted partner the Social and Economic Council (SER). Read more about the programme at gcnetherlands.nl/business-human-rights.


UN Global Compact Network Netherlands

Jamie Holton

Sr. Program Manager



Julie Hemels – Hoff

Communications Advisor


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