This Friday afternoon at the historic Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam we hosted together with Rabobank a workshop on sustainable finance. Our speaker was Dr. Maarten Biermans, who is the Head of Sustainability of Rabobank’s Debt Capital Markets Department, and responsible for the sustainable capital market solutions with environmental or social benefits. He briefed us on developments in sustainable finance, such as green bonds and social bonds. Sustainable bonds and private loans grow faster than predicted.

Dr. Biermans’ Seven Commandments for Sustainable Finance:

1. Thou shalt not lie about thy sustainability activities nor fool investors

2. Thou shalt apply materiality

3. Thou shalt be ambitious

4. Thou shalt not shrug off responsibility

5. Thou shalt not participate in cherry picking of SDGs

6. Thou shalt report on your sustainability activities, goals and achievements

7. Thou shalt not GreenWash

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