Meet the new Participant Engagement Manager

Global Compact Network Netherlands has expanded their team with a Participant Engagement Manager since 1 July 2022. Monica engages with companies and organizations which want to join the UN Global Compact network. She will also have conversations with current participants to ensure they make the best use of the programs and services of UN Global Compact and Global Compact Network Netherlands.


Mónica Pascual, Participant Engagement Manager at GCNL

My name is Mónica Pascual, 32 years old and I live in Rotterdam.

From an early age, I have been fascinated by various cultures. I have searched for different scholarships for academic experiences abroad; for example exchange study in Boston, English courses in L.A., Erasmus in Mannheim, Santander Scholarship in Mexico, and the latest scholarship which brought me to the Netherlands. This has broadened my horizon and driven me to work together so we can lead the change that the world needs.

Monica Pascual Peñas

Monica Pascual Peñas

Participant Engagement Manager

During my seven years working for PROMPERU Benelux & Scandinavia (Promotion board of Trade & Tourism of Peru), I have developed a network of more than 2,000 professionals. I had the chance to manage projects within the HQ and other institutions, such as CBI, RVO, and SIPPO. By working hand in hand with SMEs, large enterprises and cooperatives, I have developed my passion for, and understanding of supply chains, and have enhanced my interest to seek new opportunities and contribute to implementing the sustainable change our planet deserves.

The UN Global Compact network helps empower, accelerate, and scale the global collective impact of sustainability. It has motivated me to include it in my daily work, to spread the message and to make the organization achieve their maximum potential. I am looking forward to being part of Global Compact Network Netherlands and can’t wait to meet your organization!

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