Webinar: Implementing Responsible Security Management in Complex Environments

About the event

Does your company have a ‘social license to operate’ in complex security environments?
Do you implement ‘heightened human rights due diligence’ in conflict-affected areas?
Does securing your supply chain require public security or private security contractors?

This webinar will provide companies with practical tools to answer those questions and to identify and resolve security and human rights challenges related to their company operations or supply chains. In particular, the webinar will highlight the Security and Human Rights Toolkit and its relevance for companies managing risks and relationships with public security forces, private security providers, host governments, and impacted communities. Providing a space for peer learning, the webinar will feature expert testimonials and real life examples.

The speakers will be announced in due time.


Conflict-affected and complex environments present heightened challenges for company staff to respect human rights and international humanitarian law. These heightened challenges raise the stakes for businesses to critically assess, mitigate and remedy the potential human rights impacts of their security arrangements. The way companies manage the security of their operations, staff and assets can affect the foundation for peace, justice and strong institutions at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Security and Human Rights Toolkit, revamped and launched in 2022, is a handbook that identifies and responds to real-life challenges to support companies in managing the impacts of their operations or supply chains on the security and human rights of communities. It also assists companies in managing their obligations stemming from the emergence of mandatory human rights due diligence legislations. The Toolkit was developed jointly by DCAF, ICRC and the Geneva Centre for Business and Human Rights.

This event is free of charge.


This webinar is organized in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Geneva Center for Security Sector Governance (DCAF).




14:00 - 15:00

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