Meet up: “Unlocking Labor Potential for Businesses: Undocumented Migrants and Refugees in the Netherlands”

The Regiegroep Ongedocumenteerden Amsterdam (RgOA) and SDG Young Leaders Board of the Global Compact Network Netherlands warmly invite you to the symposium “Unlocking labor potential for businesses: undocumented migrants and refugees in the Netherlands”, on November 25, in Amsterdam. The symposium concentrates on the question how the labor potential presented by undocumented migrants and refugees can be unlocked and optimized, benefiting both employers as well as these potential employees. We bring together inspiring speakers for presentations and panel discussions, to stimulate a creative discussion and draft a preliminary agenda for action. Please join us!

Confirmed panelists and/or presentations by:
●  Monique Kremer, Chair Advisory Council on Migration
●  Elise Kant, Director Haella Stichting & Chair Landelijk en Amsterdams Fondsenoverleg
●  Maarten van Panhuis, Oprichter RefugeeConnect
●  Rian Ederveen, Coordinator Stichting LOS
●  Isaac Bullock Kintu, Marketing Lead Accenture

Final program to be circulated a few days in advance.

For questions to the organizations, email us: or




13:30 - 16:30

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Houtmankade 334, Amsterdam


The Regiegroep Ongedocumenteerden Amsterdam (RgOA) & Global Compact SDG Young Leaders Board
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