Official launch of the 100k Actions Challenge to live sustainably

Join AWorld and Global Compact Network Netherlands in the 100k Actions Challenge from 1 November to 15 December

Greenhouse gas emissions are rising and biodiversity is deteriorating at an alarming rate. These are just two examples of the concerning impact of humanity on the environment. Do you wonder what you can do to take action to reducing your footprint, combatting climate change and to living a more sustainable lifestyle? We welcome you to participate in the 100k Actions Challenge!

On the 1st of November from 11.00-12.00 AM we organize an official launch of the Challenge. During the launch, you can listen to and engage with inspiring speakers on the topic of climate change and the action you can take. The speakers can be found below. You can register for the launch via the blue button on the right “Registreer hier”.

Martina Donlon

Martina Donlon

Climate Communications Team Lead, United Nations

Martina Donlon currently heads the Climate Communications Team at the United Nations Department of Global Communications in New York, managing campaigns and initiatives focused on climate action. Before that, she led a communications team on the Sustainable Development Goals, managed UN human rights campaigns, and headed communications and change management at the UN regional service center in Uganda.

Bas Ooteman

Bas Ooteman

Climate Consultant at Climate Neutral Group

With a Master’s in sustainable food process engineering at Wageningen University, started working as a consultant at Climate Neutral Group. In this role Bas is working together with organizations on their road to zero CO2. Besides this work, he works on sustainability from a broader perspective, through the UN Global Compact Young Leaders Board, focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sanne Reijnen

Sanne Reijnen

Behavioral psychologist at the Volksbank

Sanne Reijnen is a behavior change expert advisor with a passion for human behavior. She is intrigued by why people act the way they do. She graduated in social psychology and currently works for de Volksbank where she runs various projects on financial resilience and consumer behavior. Also, she works at the Behavior Change Group as a lecturer to share her knowledge about human behavior with others. Her mission: making a substantial positive impact. Fun fact: she loves plants, but is currently prohibited to buy any more plants as her boyfriend fears their home will turn into a jungle.

Alessandro Armillotta

Alessandro Armillotta

CEO of AWorld

Alessandro is the co-founder and CEO of AWorld, the platform and App in support of the United Nations campaign for individual action on climate change and sustainability, ActNow. Alessandro is an award winning tech entrepreneur devoted to innovation and sustainability. He has extensive communications and marketing expertise in startup and e-Commerce environments, both in the United States and internationally.

100k Actions Challenge

The purpose of this challenge is to empower you to be the most sustainable version of yourself and measure the impact you and all participants make. For this, we use the AWorld app. This app will guide you towards living sustainably every day through taking and logging your actions. Examples of actions are eating a plant-based meal or taking a 5-minute shower. Through participation, you also get the opportunity to learn about the SDG’s, receive tips and tricks on living a sustainable lifestyle, and join a community of like-minded people. Together, we aim for 100k actions during the challenge.

Join the challenge for free and become part of a community of people who act. To get started, download the AWorld app on your phone with the QR code below and join the community by searching for our team “100k Actions Challenge”. The challenge runs from 1 November till 15 December. Join the community and get started on 1 November.

This is powered by AWorld and the Global Compact Network Netherlands Young Professional Program. AWorld is the official platform for the UN’s ACTNOW campaign for individual action on climate change and sustainability. Thousands of people have used the app in Italy, Spain, and the UK, and now they are expanding to the Netherlands with the 100K Actions Challenge.




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