Webinar Be Human, Be Kind

Be Human, Be Kind: Improving Human Rights Due Diligence in Business Operations

On behalf of the Young Professionals Program of the United Nations Global Compact Netherlands, we are delighted to invite you to participate in our online event ‘Be Human, Be Kind: Improving Human Rights Due Diligence in Business Operations’ taking place on February 21st 14:00 – 15:00 CET.

This event is open to anyone interested in learning more about how companies in the fast-moving consumer goods-industry approach Human Rights Due Diligence within their value chains. During the event, we will also make an official launch of our report – a toolbox with case studies which we believe will benefit your company and the wider FMCG industry. It aims to showcase approaches that go beyond compliance and contribute meaningfully to the advancement of this agenda globally, with an emphasis on practically implementable knowledge.

We have invited 2 speakers with a different range of experiences in human rights due diligence:

Jamie Holton, Senior Program Manager at UN Global Compact.
Thijs van Brussel, Business and Human Rights Manager at Deloitte

These speakers will delve into the challenges, successes, do’s and don’ts of human rights due diligence. We are inviting FMCG companies to share their practical experiences, so stay tuned. And if you are from FMCG industry and would like to share your experience, feel free to let us know! There will be time for open dialogue to ask questions, seek help for implementation challenges you might face, and forge connections with potential partners.




14:00 - 15:00


Young Professionals Program &  UN Global Compact NL
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