Academy Deep Dive Sessions: Deepening Human Rights Due Diligence

Delivered in collaboration with Shift and UN Human Rights (OHCHR), this three-part UN Global Compact Academy series is designed to deepen your understanding of human rights due diligence, and develop an actionable plan to identify, prevent, mitigate and account for your company’s human rights impacts.

Now, more than ever, businesses need to take action on human rights impacts because across the world hard-won progress on human rights is at risk of being reversed. Between geopolitical tensions and conflicts, ongoing crises, emerging legislation on mandatory due diligence, and increased pressure from consumers, investors, and employees, businesses need the appropriate guidance and tools to be able to respond and take action.

By completing this Academy Deep Dive series, you will learn to:
– Assess the risks to people that your company could be involved with, and determine which ones to focus on first
– Identify the actions your company should take to prevent or mitigate impacts, understand if your actions are improving outcomes for people, and see how your company can increase its transparency
– Recognize how your company can provide for or cooperate in remedy, as required for adverse impacts
– Develop an action plan for human rights due diligence implementation

The Deep Dive series starts on 4 May and is available in English or Spanish. The series is divided into three sessions and will be available in three time zones for your convenience. . Please sign up for your preferred sessions HERE.

Please note that this is a three-part series of workshops. The first session will focus on foundational content for the second and third sessions. Participants who attend all three sessions of this Deep Dive series will receive a certificate of completion.

Is this series for me?

The series is open to all companies participating in the UN Global Compact, with a focus on professionals within the company with roles and responsibilities related to human rights and sustainability.

How do I prepare?

To prepare for your participation in the Deep Dive Series, we encourage you to first complete the Academy e-learning course developed by the UN Global Compact and UN Human Rights (OHCHR) in collaboration with Shift: Business and Human Rights: How Companies Can Operationalize the UN Guiding Principles. Through four interactive, 30-minute modules, this course provides you with the foundational understanding and skills needed to get the most out of your participation in the Deep Dive Series.


04 - 18/05/22


All Day

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Organized by UN Global Compact
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