A dialogue with Paul Schenderling

Join us for a key-note and dialogue with Paul Schenderling, Dutch economist, speaker and author of the book “There is life after growth”. Paul argues for a different way of organising the economy, so it doesn’t solely focus on economic growth, but also on the wellbeing of people and planet.

In this keynote, Paul discusses what it takes to act equitably within our economy. He explains in a clear way how our current economy works. Using small and big stories, he explains how we could live within the planetary boundaries, while people become happier and the prosperity of people has remained intact. This new story for the Netherlands is ambitious, science-based, values-driven, social and realistic.

After the keynote there will be plenty of room for questions and interaction, so together we can discover what measures are needed to realize the new story for the Netherlands. Free sustainable drinks and snacks are included.

About Paul

Paul is a Dutch economist, writer and speaker. He advises, writes and speaks on social and ecological issues from an economic perspective. Paul is the founder and program leader of Postgroei Nederland, a network of experts from 11 different political parties.  On behalf of this think tank, he wrote in 2022 this book Er is leven na de groei.


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19:30 - 21:30


Rabobank Headquarters, Utrecht, the Netherlands


Young SDG Network
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