Order the book ‘Bedrijfsdoelen verduurzamen’

Most of the Dutch companies are motivated to make their corporate goals sustainable. This ensures their continuity, risk analysis and integrity, for themselves, the customers and the government. This book explains how companies can be more sustainable without an extra investment, knowledge, manpower, and competitively sensitive information

Bedrijfsdoelen verduurzamen” provides a cohesive, integrated view, rather than a cluttered list of regulations, standardization, subsidies and taxes. The language that is used in this field will be explained, and the English terms are translated, such as impact, social responsibility, due diligence, and etc) In addition, clarity is provided about the period within which you can achieve your goals, and incorrect assumptions are removed.

Hugo von Meijenfeldt was a lawyer and manager at the Ministry of the Environment. After that, he was the first Climate Envoy for the Netherlands, Consul-General in San Francisco, and the first National SDG Coördinator. At UN Global Compact, he uses his acquired comprehensive and focused vision to help companies set and achieve ambitious sustainable goals. This publication is a result of this.

Recording conference: ‘Integrating Sustainability in your Corporate Goals’

On 21 October 2021, the conference ‘Integrate Sustainability into your Corporate Goals’ took place. The book ‘Bedrijfsdoelen verduurzamen’ by Hugo von Meijenfeldt was presented here.

The conference provided participants with the tools to help shape a successful regular business, aimed at combining long-term prosperity and achieving social,

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