September 26 2018 – Three years of SDGs is a fact! We celebrated this during the SDG Action Day in Amsterdam on September 25th. A great deal of inspiration and enthusiasm in Amsterdam! Global Compact in collaboration with Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition (DSGC), VNO-NCW and MKB-Netherlands organized a workshop regarding the corporate approach of the SDGs. You can read all about this under the following title: ‘SDGs and business: becoming aware of impact’.

Basic Order
Karolien Dekker presented research results from the DSGC, which provide us with important insights. Having a strong foundation as a company is a ‘must’ according to Dekker. A foundation which consists partly of the integrating of the SDGs in the business strategy, innovation and rewarding-system. It also consists of paying attention towards the engagement of all employees within the company.

Expediting and impact?
Only having an established foundation isn’t enough. There is more needed. More of the same will not work. How do we achieve expediting and impacting in regards to realizing the 17 SDGs? As important insight in relation to this, Dekker mentioned ‘independent impact measuring’, as well as working improving the way in which we work with local networks. Also the ‘moving together’ within an equal playing field is conditional to enable making big steps forward with more focus towards consumer behavior and production responsibility, as mentioned by Dekker.

Enough to work on. Now practical execution!

Luckily, the recently published report from UN Global Compact and GRI, ‘Business Reporting on the SDGs’, is a great practical start. Get to work!

Link to ‘Business Reporting on the SDGs’: Business Reporting on the SDGs

Business Reporting on the SDGs

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