Putting Purpose Beyond Profit

NB: The main language is English

On the 2nd of April 2020 from 15:00 to 18:00, organizes Global Compact Network Netherlands together with Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) the event “Putting Purpose Beyond Profit”. We are pleased to invite you to participate at this event that will be held in the Malietoren in The Hague.

The world is looking at companies to explain how they can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The companies on this by re-formulating their mission and look at the meaningful ways to set their longterm financial-economic, social and ecological goals. The SDGs offer a positive opportunity and require vigilance to prevent negative effects in the supply chains.

During this event, we will be looking at the SDGs from different angles. Experts will explain why the non-financial parts of the integrated annual report should become as clear and reliable as the financial part, in order to achieve the SDGs while also involving investors and stakeholders in a more meaningful way. A few months ago, there has been a debate about the validity of non-financial information in the annual report. To achieve the SDGs by 2030, relevance, reliability and verifiable information about the effectiveness of the broad sustainability efforts are crucial.


There will be an active panel discussion about one of the most crucial environmental problems on which Dutch-UK collaboration can make the difference: plastic waste and how to reduce single used plastic.






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