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How will Gen AI change sustainable business? – Sustainability TrendsWatch webinar

From unlocking invaluable insights to revolutionizing decision-making processes, Gen AI has unprecedented potential to accelerate sustainability. Yet, as with any innovation, businesses must navigate critical considerations to mitigate risks and ensure that AI delivers for all stakeholders. Join us for this session designed to help you discover and navigate how harnessing the power of Gen AI can pave the way for a more sustainable future.

Language: English with Spanish, French and Portuguese translation.


Denise Zheng – Chief AI Officer and Data & AI Lead, Accenture Federal Services

Amy Luers – Sr. Global Director Sustainability Science & Innovation, Microsoft

Kseniia Fontaine – Business Development & Operations Manager, ITU

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Sustainability TrendsWatch webinar series

This session is part of Sustainability TrendsWatch, a new webinar series hosted by the the United Nations Global Compact in collaboration with Accenture that goes beyond the buzz to unpack trends from a global and regional perspective.

The next session is scheduled for 20 June 2024.




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